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Episode 01 (7:00 AM - 8:00 AM) TRANSCRIPTION

5X01 - 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Original Airdate (FOX): 15/01/2006

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The following is not a novelization or an actual script but a dry transcript of the aired episode that includes accurate word-to-word dialogues, settings descriptions, action scenes and/or camera movements where the transcriber felt they were necessary. This transcript is posted on "TWIZ TV.COM" in world wide web exclusivity by courtesy of KAT.
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-- 18 Months Earlier --

David: Jack, this is hard for me. The Chinese have proof you led the assault on their consulate.

Jack: Now the Chinese want me?

David: That’s right. Now listen very carefully. The man they’ve sent to take you into custody has orders to kills you.

Jack: Orders from who?

David: Someone in Logan’s camp.

Spaulding: Bill Spaulding, secret service. I have orders to take Jack Bauer into custody; I intend to execute those orders.

[Spaulding shoots at Jack. Tony tries to stop him. Jack falls to the ground.]

Tony: Jack. [He checks Jack’s pulse.] He’s dead.

Bill: I’m sorry. [He walks away.]

Michelle: [kneeling beside Jack] Oh, Jack.

Tony: [to Michelle] Give me the epinephrine.

Chloe: I hope it’s not too late. He really looks dead.
Tony: Come on, Jack! Come on, Jack, dammit!

[Jack suddenly starts breathing and coughing. The others react with relief.]

Tony: All right, Chloe, I need you to run interference with the local coroner until we can switch bodies. Make sure their database synchs up with Jack’s information.
Chloe: That won’t cover the autopsy.

Tony: There’s not gonna be an autopsy. They wanted Jack dead; now he’s dead.

Jack: Mr. President, you saved my life.
Palmer: I’m only sorry it came to this.
Jack: Me too, sir. I just wanted to let you know that I was out.
Palmer: I’m glad. Jack, you do understand that when you hang up, for all intents and purposes, Jack Bauer is dead.
Jack: I understand that, sir. Mr. President, it’s been an honour.
[As the sun rises, Jack puts on his sunglasses, and starts walking along the railway tracks.]

Voiceover: The following takes place between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

[Subtitles show that we are in Mojave, California. Jack is at an oil refinery, about to start work. He is waiting with the other workers while they are told where – and if – they will be working. As the men are given their instructions, they move off to their area.]

Foreman: Jim Nichols, you’re on pump number one. Sterling Rush, Patrick Priest – you’re on pump number four. Phil Stone, Greg Nelson – you’re on pump five. [to the other waiting men] Sorry guys, that’s all I got today.

[Jack looks frustrated, but moves away with the other men.]

Foreman: Look, Frank? [Jack turns back – Frank is Jack’s alias.] Look, I – I know I promised you work today, but pump seven went offline last night; I –

Jack: It’s all right, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Foreman: Yeah. Tomorrow’ll be much better.

Jack: See you tomorrow. [He walks away.]

[Cut to Los Angeles, California. In Wayne Palmer’s apartment, the morning news channel is on the television.]

News Reporter: [on television] The sun is shining but the air is cool at President Logan’s retreat, where Russian President …

[The camera pans to show David Palmer watching this. Wayne Palmer gets up from a nearby table, holding printouts of a portion of David’s memoirs.]

Wayne: Everything works for me up until the chapter on your first campaign. Sorry, but I think it’s a little long winded. I think we can cut that down by half, so why don’t we start with the paragraph on … [He looks up to see his brother looking at an article in the newspaper about with the title “President Logan To Sign Russian Arms Treaty” and looking slightly upset.]

Wayne: You didn’t hear a word I just said, did you.

David: No, I was listening.

Wayne: No, you weren’t.

David: [smiling] You’re right. [He puts the newspaper down] I’m sorry.

Wayne: Are you OK?

David: I could use a break.

Wayne: [approaching him] What’s going on?

David: What do you mean?

Wayne: I mean, you’ve bee distracted ever since you got to Los Angeles. I don’t know; it’s like you’re somewhere else.

David: Writing my memoirs … maybe it’s put me in a melancholy mood.

Wayne: Is that all it is?

David: [nodding] Yeah.

Wayne: David … I’m your brother. Whatever it is, you can tell me.

David: It’s all right, really. [They both smile.]

Wayne: OK. [He walks away, back to the printouts.] Well, we must get back to work. One more chapter and we’ll take a break. Why don’t we jump down to, uh, chapter six. There’s going to be a lot of questions about your relationship with Sherrie.

[A sniper fires. The bullet penetrates the glass and hits David in the neck. Wayne turns to see his brother fall to the ground.]

[In the building across the street, the sniper, Haas, sits up, and starts to move away.]

[Back in the apartment, Wayne holds his brother’s body.]

Wayne: David … No, no! [to guards] Get help! Dammit. Get help!

[Cut to the Presidential Retreat, in Hidden Valley, California. Vehicles entering the area are searched by security staff. Inside the building, President Logan enters a conference room.]

Logan: Walt! My chair?

Walt: Don’t worry, sir, I had it adjusted.

Logan: Good.

Novick: Adjusted? Wait, what are we talking about here?

Walt: Suvarov’s over six feet; Russian president can’t be looking down on the President of the United States when the cameras roll.

Novick: A risky proposition, Walt. The press finds out about it …

Walt: They won’t.

Logan: Don’t underestimate the power of the image, Mike. Stalin and Churchill both sat for FTR. This is the defining moment of my administration; we have to make sure that the media presents it the right way.

[He enters his office. The phone rings.]

Novick: Sir, I’ll get it. [He answers the phone] Yes?

Logan: [to Walt] Have you checked on my wife?

Walt: She’s still getting ready. She’ll be fine, sir. I’m in contact with Doctor Hill.

Logan: I’d feel better if you would check on her yourself. She cannot have one of her meltdowns today.

[The camera cuts to show Novick on the phone with Walt and Logan in the background. Novick closes his eyes in horror and sadness at the news he is being told. He has just been informed of David Palmer’s death.]

[Camera cuts back to Logan and Walt.]

Logan: You’re the only one she listens to.

Walt: Yes, sir.

Logan: Thank you.

[Walt leaves to see Mrs Logan. Logan looks at Mike, and realises that something may be wrong]

Logan: Mike? Mike, what is it?

[Walt stops, and turns back to hear the news. Novick turns to face Logan.]

Novick: David Palmer has been assassinated.

Logan: [shocked] What?

Novick: {Transcriber's Note: I could not understand what he said here.}

Logan: Oh my God … where?

Novick: LA.

Logan: I don’t’ believe this.

Novick: Mr President, uh … CTU is standing by to brief you directly, whenever you’re ready. [Novick looks very upset. Logan briefly pats him on the back. He seems very shaken.]

[In CTU.]

Bill: Make sure LAPD sets up a hard perimeter.

Curtis: They’re sending everyone they’ve got.

Bill: Were there any eyewitnesses?

Curtis: No one yet.

Bill: Who’s running search and sweep?

Curtis: Secret service. But they’re short-handed.

Bill: Narrow the search area. Make sure ballistics runs a line of fire trajectory.

Edgar: Sir, President Logan’s ready.

Curtis: I’ll call ballistics.

[Bill walks into a conference room.]

Bill: Put the President through.

Operator: Yes sir. Go ahead.

[President Logan appears on the television screen.]

Bill: Mr President.

Logan: Bill. Not to diminish the loss that we’re all feeling right now, but I am expecting the Russian president very soon, so … let’s say what needs to be said.

Bill: Of course, sir.

Logan: Have you arrested the person who did this?

Bill: Not yet, sir.

Logan: Then what do you have?

Bill: Sir, the damage caused by the single shot indicates that President Palmer was hit by a 308-calibre bullet, fired from an adjacent building. We’ve initiated an inter-agency protocol level five –

Logan: Don’t – don’t give me protocols, Bill, give me results. Whoever did this, I want them dead or in custody by the time the Russians get here.

Bill: Yes, Mr President. But until we know more, I would ask that you consider postponing the signing of the Treaty, sir.

Logan: No. Absolutely not.

Bill: Mr President, we can’t discount the possibility that this attack is somehow connected to the arms agreement. A former President was assassinated 15 miles from where you are, and I’m sure I don’t need to explain the significance of this day.

Logan: Do you realise what sort of political and economic capital I’ve spent just to get the Russians to the table? If we call this off, they won’t come back.

[Cut to Chloe’s apartment. She is lying in bed. She gets up, and pulls on a dressing gown. Spencer is lying asleep on the other side of the bed.]

Chloe: Spencer. [He doesn’t move. She throws his trousers at him.] Spencer! [He wakes up.] Get out of my bed.

Spencer: Yeah. I had a good time last night, too.

Chloe: I’m serious; this was a mistake. Get out of here.

Spencer: What do you mean, a mistake? We had a great time. [He starts getting dressed.]

Chloe: I don’t get involved with people who work for me.

Spencer: It’s too late for that.

Chloe: I would appreciated it if you didn’t tell anyone at work about this. I don’t want everyone thinking I’m some kind of slut.

Spencer: Believe me – no one’s ever going to think that.

Chloe: What’s that supposed to mean?

Spencer: You should lighten up, you know? You’ll live longer. [He runs his hands down her arms.]

Chloe: What are you doing?

Spencer: When you quit analysing the situation, I think you’ll find out you and I are pretty good together. So I’m telling you in advance, “yes”.

Chloe: Yes, what?

Spencer: I’ll let you buy me dinner … get me drunk … have your way with me … any time you want.

Chloe: You know, um, arrogance doesn’t turn me on. I’ve read that some women respond to it, but I’m just letting you know – I don’t …

[They smile, and go to kiss. Chloe’s phone receives a message. She reads it, and looks shocked.]

Spencer: What is it?

Chloe: President Palmer’s been shot. He’s dead.

[Cut to Jack’s house. He is watching the television coverage of David’s assassination. He is teary and upset.]

News reporter: [on television] … security has been raised to its highest possible level around President Logan’s retreat. To repeat what we know up to this point – President Palmer was assassinated in Los Angeles. The former President was in the penthouse apartment of his brother and former Chief of Staff Wayne Palmer when a single bullet was fired, apparently from a high rise building across the street. President Palmer was in the process of finishing …

[There is a knock at the door. Jack is suspicious. He pulls a gun from under the couch.]

Jack: Who is it?

Diane: It’s me, Frank. [Jack holds the gun behind him as he opens the front door.] Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Diane: I saw your truck outside. Thought you were on today.

Jack : Ned didn’t need me this morning.

[Diane sees that Jack has been watching the coverage of Palmer’s assassination on the television.]

Diane: So terrible what happened. [She touches Jack’s cheek] Are you OK?

Jack: Yeah, I’m fine.

Diane: Come on, I’m making breakfast.

Jack: OK.

07:11:22 … 07:11:23 … 07:11:24 … 07:11:25 …

[Jack closes the door and rests his head against it.]

[Back in Diane’s house, Diane goes to the stove. Her son, Derek, is at the fridge.]

Diane: Frank’s gonna join us.

Derek: [not enthused] Great.

Diane: Derek, stop it.

[Jack enters.]

Jack: [to Derek] Morning.

[Derek does not respond, but starts drinking from a bottle of orange juice.]

Diane: Use a glass, please.

Jack: Here.

[Jack puts a glass down next to Derek. Derek looks pointedly at him, then drinks from the bottle again. Diane takes the breakfast over to the table. Jack walks over to the table as Diane is walking the other way.]

Jack: Excuse me. [He sits.]

Derek: Can I ask you something, Frank?

Jack: Yeah, sure.

Derek: That rig in Alaska you worked on – what was that called again?

Jack: The Albatross.

Derek: And you were there last year?

Jack: Yeah, why?

Derek: That’s funny. My friend’s got a brother who’s been working on that rig for five years. He’s never heard of a Frank Flynn.

Jack: It’s a big platform.

Derek: Yeah, well, my friend’s brother says everyone knows everyone.

Diane: What is this, an interrogation?

Derek: I just don’t like being lied to.

Diane: Derek!

Jack: It’s all right.

Diane: No one’s lying to you, Derek.

Derek: Really?

Jack: When you’re out there, a lot of the guys just use nicknames.

Diane: Yeah.

Jack: What’s your friend’s brother’s name? [Derek looks away.]

Diane: Eat your breakfast.

Derek: Yeah. Not hungry. [He gets up from the table and walks away.]

Diane: Sorry. He’s just kind of protective of me, but it’s the best thing in the world for him to have a man around here.

Jack: Look, what he said about me and Alaska –

Diane: You don’t owe me an explanation. I figure if you wanted to tell me about your past, you would have told me already. I trust my instincts. And I trust you.

[Jack smiles, touched.]
07:13:33 … 07:13:34 … 07:13:35 …

[At Tony and Michelle’s house, they are watching the coverage.]

News Reporter: [on TV] Former President David Palmer was killed just a short while ago. Now, no information has been released to the public at this time, but an independent source has verified that David Palmer was in Los Angeles visiting his brother and former …

[Michelle dials the phone number for CTU.]

Tony: Bill would have called if he needed us; you know that.

Michelle: No, he won’t.

[Tony takes the phone from Michelle.]

Tony: Come on. It’s not our job. Not any more.

Michelle: This is different.

Tony: Come on, Michelle. I’m just as upset as you are; David Palmer meant a lot to me too, but there are other people at CTU who can handle this.

Michelle: No one who was active during the other attempts on his life. Tony, you and I worked up suspect profiles; we ran scenarios.

Tony: And they have our records on file.

Michelle: They don’t have our experience. I never once regretted our decision to leave CTU, but I don’t wanna look back on today and realise I could have helped.

[Michelle walks towards the front door.]

Tony: We’re running a business here, Michelle. Rick Robson expects us to make a presentation in less than an hour.

Michelle: You can handle the meeting on your own.

Tony: Michelle. [He grabs her arm as she goes to walk out the front door.] Don’t do this.

[They look at each other. Tony releases her arm, sighing. Michelle kisses him on the cheek. She walks out of the house. Tony picks up the phone.]

Rick: [over the phone] It’s Rick; leave me a message.

Tony: Yeah, Rick, it’s Tony Almeida. Look I just wanted to call and let you know that Michelle’s not going to be able to make our meeting today. She had to go someplace. On second thought … I’m going with her.

[An explosion knocks him to the floor. He gets to his feet, wide eyed.]

[Cut to outside the house. Michelle’s car is a twisted, burning wreck. Tony runs out of the house, frantic.]

Tony: No! Michelle!

[He sees Michelle lying on the ground nearby, part of the door lying on top of her. He rushes over and pulls the wreckage off her. He cradles her in his arms. She is dead. A second explosion generates a fireball that engulfs them.]

07:15:56 … 07:15:57 … 07:15:58 …

07:21:42 … 07:21:43 … 07:21:44 … 07:21:45 … 07:21:46 … 07:21:47 …

[Split screen, with agents working in Wayne Palmer’s apartment; flags being lowered to half-mast; and Jack eating breakfast with Diane.]

[Cut to CTU.]

Edgar: What’s happening?

Spencer: There was a car bombing. Two former CTU agents were hit.

Edgar: Yeah, their names were Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida.

Spencer: You knew them?

Edgar: Yeah. I’m data-mining for a connection between them and President Palmer. I’ve sent the parameters to your screen.

Spencer: I’ll get onto it. [He sits at his desk. Edgar calls Chloe.]

Chloe: Yeah?

Edgar: It’s Edgar. Are you coming in?

Chloe: Yeah, just got a page of level five protocol; of course I’m coming in.

Edgar: I wanted to give you a heads up before you got here.

Chloe: Heads up?

Edgar: It’s bad, Chloe.

Chloe: Yeah, President Palmer was gunned down – I’d say that’s pretty bad. [She approaches her car.]

Edgar: It’s not just him.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Edgar: Someone planted a bomb in Michelle Dessler’s car.

[Chloe freezes, her keys in her hand.]

Chloe: What?

Edgar: Michelle’s dead. Tony’s not doing too good. It doesn’t make any sense.

[To Chloe, it obviously makes perfect sense. She looks horrified.]

Edgar: They were retired. Buchanan thinks it’s linked to Palmer somehow. We’re cross referencing everything we have on Palmer with Tony and Michelle.

[Chloe sees a man get out of a white van near her car.]

Edgar: See if we can find the connection. Anything they may have had in common. Chloe?

[Chloe runs away from her car and from the white van. Cut to the van – Haas is inside.]

Haas: [to man outside the van] Go. [The man runs after Chloe.]

Edgar: Chloe?

Chloe: I’ll call you back.

Edgar: Why?

Chloe: Call you back!

Edgar: Chloe?

[Spencer hears, and looks over. Edgar puts the phone down, Chloe having hung up.]

[Chloe runs away from her pursuer. She runs past bystanders and up an elevator. Her pursuer gets stuck behind two men on the elevator. He pushes past them and keeps chasing Chloe. However, Chloe has hidden herself down beside the elevator. When he has gone, she jumps out and runs in the opposite direction.]

[At Diane’s house, Jack and Diane are finishing breakfast.]

Jack: Since I don’t have to go to work today, I could take care of the stuff out back if you want.

Diane: Oh, that’d be great. I can’t thank you enough for all the work you’ve done around here.

Jack: Oh, it’s the least I could do. [His phone rings] Excuse me. [He answers] Yeah?

[Chloe is calling from a payphone]

Chloe: Jack, I know this isn’t protocol – please don’t hang up on me! I need your help.

Jack: [searching for an excuse to move away from Diane] Hold on, I can barely hear you. [to Diane] I don’t have a very good signal; excuse me. [He walks away, and outside the house.] What is it?

Chloe: They got Tony and Michelle. Michelle is dead, Tony is in a critical condition. Now they’re gonna kill me.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Chloe: There’s four people who know you alive; three of them are down. Jack, I’m the only one left. This has to be about you – it’s the only thing the four of us have in common.

Jack: What happened to Tony and Michelle?

Chloe: There was a car bomb. There was a guy outside my apartment and he was chasing me.

Jack: Oh my God. [He looks stunned and upset by this turn of events.] Where is he now?

Chloe: I think I lost him. I’m at a payphone – I dumped my cell phone. I don’t know what to do now.

Jack: Chloe, you need to go dark. [Jack enters his own house.] That means zero contact with anyone.

Chloe: Even CTU?

Jack: Especially CTU. Chloe, whoever’s behind this is probably monitoring them. Someone out there knows I’m still alive. [He prises a metal ventilation grille off the wall, and starts packing a bag with the equipment hidden behind the grille.]

Chloe: Who?

Jack: I don’t know. That’s what we need to find out. Right now, I want you to head out of Los Angeles. There’s an abandoned oil refinery at {Transcriber’s note: I didn’t catch the name.} Wait for me there. Take cover by the large storage tanks at the north end of the field.

Chloe: You’re coming to LA?

Jack: Meet me in half an hour.

Chloe: OK. Thanks. [She hangs up. Jack has fully packed his bag by now.]

07:25:33 … 07:25:34 … 07:25:35 … 07:25:36 …

[Jack finishes getting ready, and walks out of his house.]

[Cut to CTU. Bill is addressing some of the staff in the conference room.]

Bill: Tony Almeida has been medi-vacced in. I have a trauma team standing by to receive him.

Edgar: We’re bringing him to CTU?

Bill: If there’s a second attempt on his life, we can’t protect him in a hospital.

Curtis: This doesn’t track. Michelle and Tony have been inactive for over a year; who would want them dead?

Bill: Whoever wanted Palmer dead.

Curtis: So we’re assuming they’re connected?

Bill: Timing was too close for it to have been a coincidence. There is a connection. Let’s find it.

[Female agent enters.]

Female Agent: Sir? The DOD liaison is here. I need to set her up with the security protocols for the summit.

Bill: I’ll take care of it. You have your assignments. Send updates directly to my screen.

Agent: Yes, sir.

Bill: [walking out the door; to female agent] Where is she?

Female agent: She just cleared security.

[Cut to elsewhere in CTU. Audrey enters – she is the DOD liaison. She looks around the office, then enters. Bill walks up to her.]

Bill: Audrey.

Audrey: Bill. [They shake hands.]

Bill: It must be hard for you to be back here.

Audrey: Thank you, Bill, I’m fine. I’m sorry about Michelle. [They move towards the Conference Room.] Walt Cummings briefed me on the way over here. He said that you wanted to postpone the signing of the treaty.

Bill: President Logan is making a mistake.

Audrey: I don’t disagree.

Bill: Have you let him know that?

[Audrey smiles.]

Audrey: He’s the President, Bill. It’s his call.

Bill: That’s what I’m afraid of.

Audrey: He wants me to make sure your top priority is still security for the summit.

Bill: Station five is set up for you. When you’re situated, we’ll go over the revised security protocols.

Audrey: Great, thank you Bill. [He moves away, leaving her to make her own way to her desk.]
07:27:27 … 07:27:28 … 07:27:29 … 07:27:30 …

[Cut to Logan’s Retreat, where he is addressing the Press.]

Logan: David Palmer was a man of truth, and of honour, and his influence will be felt for generations to come. Our nation grieves for its loss. Martha and I offer our deepest sympathy …
[Cut to Mrs Logan’s room, where is finishing getting ready with the aid of Evelyn, her secretary.]

Evelyn: You look beautiful, Mrs Logan.

Martha: I look like a wedding cake. [She plunges her face into the basin full of water, before straightening again, dripping water down her shirt. Evelyn gasps, staring, before sighing.] Let’s start over. [There is a knock at the door.] Oh, you can get that. [She pulls at her hair.]

[Evelyn walks to the door and opens it. Walt Cummings is waiting.]

Walt: Is Mrs Logan ready?

Evelyn: Note quite.

Walt: You didn’t tell her about David Palmer?

Evelyn: No.

Walt: Thank you. She’ll take it hard when she finds out; they’ve been friends for a long time. [Evelyn nods.]

Martha: [from bathroom] You don’t have to talk about me like I’m not here.

Walt: Excuse us, Evelyn. [Evelyn leaves. Walt walks towards Martha.] Martha.

Martha: Oh, er, I’m sorry, I know I’m late, I’m sorry. I’m just – I’m having a bad hair day.

Walt: Martha … I’ve got some very bad news.

Martha: It’s not Charles, is it?

Walt: No. He’s fine. He wanted to tell you himself.

Martha: Well … Walt? Walt? [She is very concerned.] What is it?

Walt: David Palmer was assassinated.

Martha: No … [She is on the verge of tears.]

Walt: I’m sorry. [He pats her gently on the back.] I know how close you were.

Martha: When did this happen?

Walt: Less than an hour ago.

Martha: This morning? I … [She looks like some thought has just occurred to her.] I … I have to talk to Charles.

Walt: He’s doing damage control. He’s trying to keep this from pushing the treaty off the front page.

Martha: No, no I have to talk to him now.

Walt: No, he’s doing a press conference – Martha! [She runs out of the room.]

Martha: No!

Walt: Martha!
07:30:13 … 07:30:14 … 07:30:15 … 07:30:16 …

[Walt runs after her.]

Walt: [to agent] Agent Norris … tell them not to let Mrs Logan anywhere near the stage.

Agent Norris: Sure.

[Cut to Logan’s press conference.]

Logan: As I look back on the deeds of David Palmer, not only one of this country’s greatest leaders but one of this world’s greatest men …

[Cut back to Martha rushing through the retreat to reach Charles. She walks outside and is met by an agent.]

Agent: Mrs Logan …

Martha: Let go of me.

Agent: All right. [He tries to stand in her way.]

Martha: No … let … [She is incoherent, and can be heard from the press conference.]

Logan: … David Palmer’s entire family, and to them I also pledge that the full resources of this great nation to find and to punish those responsible.

[Novick sees the situation, and moves off to help resolve it.]

Agent: I can’t let you go over there …

Martha: Don’t touch me. You get away from me now, or I swear I will have your family eating dog food out of a can.

[Novick has reached her.]

Novick: Martha, stop!

Martha: Mike, dammit, I am the First Lady. Tell your storm troopers to stay away from me!

[Walt runs in from behind.]

Martha: I need to talk to my husband.

Walt: Martha, look. He’s in the middle of a press conference right now. Hundreds of millions of people are watching him live. [He is getting through to her.] What is it, Martha? What is it that is so urgent? Tell me. Maybe I can help.

[Martha shakes her head, close to tears. She looks over at Charles addressing the press.]

Martha: Tell Charles I want to see him when he’s done.

Walt: All right.

07:31:52 … 07:31:53 … 07:31:54 …

07:37:34 … 07:37:35 … 07:37:36 … 07:37:37 … 07:37:38 … 07:37:39 …

[Split screen, with Bill in the conference room; Audrey at her desk; a long distance view of Jack driving; and a close up of Jack in his car.]

[Jack arrives at the refinery and parks his car. Behind him, an SUV parks. Jack approaches the pilot who is working near his emergency helicopter, and punches him out. He drags the man out of sight, before hearing a noise behind him. Jack pulls out his gun and kicks away a couple of crates to reveal Derek, crouching on the ground.]

Derek: [putting his hands up] Don’t shoot me! [He is shaking.]

Jack: What the hell are you doing here?

Derek: I’m sorry I followed you, I’m just – I’m just worried about my mother.

Jack: Get up. Get up! Get up!

[Derek stands. Jack puts his gun away.]

Jack: Come here. You’re going with me. [He grabs Derek, pulling him toward himself. Derek resists.]

Derek: This is none of my business. This is none of my business! I won’t tell anyone, just let me go, OK?

[Jack slams him up against a wall.]

Jack: I really wish I could, kid, but I can’t. you’re going with me, now get in the helicopter.

[Holding Derek’s arm, he drags him over to the helicopter and pushes him inside.]

Derek: Frank … Frank, come on. Please, please!

[Jack shuts the doors of the helicopter and gets in himself.]

[Cut to CTU. A badly wounded Tony is being wheeled in on a gurney.]

Doctor: … I need access to the right hemisphere.

Nurse: Right away!

[Tony is wheeled into surgery. Curtis and Bill look in from outside the surgery.]

Curtis: I need to talk to Tony before he goes into surgery.

Bill: He’s non-responsive. According to the paramedic on the chopper, he suffered a closed-head trauma. It’s affected his speech. They’re gonna try relieve the pressure.

Curtis: Will he be able to talk then?

Bill: Doctor doesn’t know.

[The doctor walks up from behind to enter the surgery.]

Bill: I want real time updates on his progress.

Doctor: Yes, sir. [He enters the surgery. Curtis holds out a few printed pages.]

Curtis: We need Tony to explain this.

Bill: What is it?

Curtis: I may have found a connection between Tony and David Palmer.

Bill: Tony’s phone records?

[They are walking back towards the main offices.]
07:39:44 … 07:39:45 … 07:39:46: … 07:39:47 …

Curtis: One phone call in particular – the last time Tony spoke to President Palmer was the day that Jack Bauer was killed.

Bill: Did you pull the transcripts?

Curtis: I tried, but the files were corrupted.

Bill: What’s he hiding?

Curtis: Something about Jack’s death.

[Cut to the helicopter, which Jack is now flying.]

Derek: Are you kidnapping me?

Jack: No!

Derek: Then where are you taking me?

Jack: Los Angeles.

Derek: Why?

Jack: Because I couldn’t leave you back there; you’d have gone to the police and I couldn’t let happen.

Derek: What is this about? Who are you?

Jack: Someone who’s not supposed to still be alive.

Derek: Like some kind of witness relocation thing?

Jack: Yeah, something like that.

Derek: So you’re a criminal.

Jack: No! Listen, Derek, the less you know about me, the better.

Derek: So what are you going to do with me?

[Jack dials a number on his cell phone.]

Diane: Hello?

Jack: Diane, it’s me.

Diane: Frank, I can just barely hear you; what’s that noise?

Jack: I’m in a helicopter with Derek.

Diane: Derek?

Jack: Yeah, he’s fine. Listen, Diane, I need you to pick him up in Los Angeles for me.

Diane: Why is he with you?

Jack: I’ll explain everything as so as I see you.

Diane: Frank? Frank, what are you doing with Derek?

Jack: Diane, please just do this for me. I need you to get in a car and start driving now.

Diane: You’re scaring me.

Jack: Diane, do you remember this morning when you said you trusted me? Right now, I need you to trust me. Derek’s going to be fine. Just do as I say. Get in your car and start driving to Los Angeles. Don’t tell anyone about this, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. [He hangs up.]

Diane: Frank? [She grabs her keys and rushes out the door.]

Derek: I don’t understand. You’re just going to hand me back to my mom? I thought you were worried about me going to the police.

Jack: I have something to do in Los Angeles; once it’s done it doesn’t matter.

[Cut to the Presidential retreat. Martha waits for Charles. He enters the room.]

07:41:45 … 07:41:46 … 07:41:47 … 07:41:48 …

Logan: How are you doing?

Martha: I’m sorry, Charles. I didn’t mean to make a scene.

Logan: I know that. Doctor Hill says you haven’t been taking your medication.

Martha: I don’t like the way the pills make me feel.

Logan: Marty … we just need to get through today.

Martha: Charles – the reason I needed to talk to you was – needed to talk to you …

Logan: What is it, honey? Go ahead.

Martha: I think that David was killed because of something he was about to tell me.

Logan: Come over here. [They sit.] What are you talking about?

Martha: He called me yesterday. He said he wanted to meet with me.

Logan: Meet with you about what?

Martha: He said that it concerned national security and that it involved you.

Logan: Me?

Martha: Yes.

Logan: What else did he say?

Martha: Just that he’d explain when he saw me.

Logan: If this was so important … why wouldn’t he have called me himself?

Martha: Charles … you shut him out of this White House about 18 months ago. You know that. He had … no real access.

Logan: Except through you.

Martha: You don’t believe me.

Logan: I didn’t say that!

Martha: You don’t need to. [She gets up and walks away.]

Logan: Martha.

Martha: I am not making this up. I am not crazy. I am not a fool!

Logan: [getting up and walking over to her] It’s going to be all right.

Martha: I am not making this up.

[Logan nods.]

Logan: All right. I’ll have Walt look into it.

Martha: [relieved] You will?

Logan: Yes.

Martha: Thank you.

Logan: But right now … President Suvarov and his wife are arriving in one hour.

[Martha covers her face with her hands.]

Logan: I need you to be there. I need you by my side.

[Martha smiles, and then hugs him.]

Martha: I’m so sorry.

[Logan leaves after a few seconds. Walt is waiting outside.]

Walt: Well, is she all right?

Logan: No, Walt, she’s not all right. She’s having another one of her delusions. She thinks that David Palmer was killed because of something he tried to tell her. She’s imagining she’s in the middle of one of her own conspiracy theories.

Walt: Well what should we do?

Logan: Nothing.

[He moves away. Walt looks perturbed.]

07:44:32 … 07:44:33 … 07:44:35 …

07:50:13 … 07:50:14 … 07:50:15 … 07:50:16 … 07:50:17 … 07:50:18 …

[Split screen, with Chloe travelling to the refinery in a taxi; Jack and Derek in the helicopter; and Martha sitting in her room.]

[Cut to CTU. Edgar approaches Spencer.]

Edgar: Spencer, have you talked to Chloe this morning?

Spencer: No, why?

Edgar: She left her apartment about a half hour ago. She should have been here by now.

Spencer: Probably traffic.

Edgar: She usually gets around traffic. And she’s not answering her cell phone.

Spencer: I wouldn’t worry about her.

Edgar: She sounded strange when I talked to her.

Spencer: She always sounds strange.

Edgar: I’m gonna call Adamson; have him run a locator on her cell.

Spencer: Don’t waste his time. She’s fine. I’m sure of it.

Edgar: What makes you so sure?

Spencer: It doesn’t matter.

Edgar: It does to me.

Spencer: I saw her. About, er, half an hour ago.

Edgar: I thought you said –

Spencer: Forget what I said.

Edgar: Where did you see her?

Spencer: Man, do you really need me to spell it out for you? [Edgar puts the pieces together.] Don’t worry about Chloe. She’s fine.

[Chloe’s taxi arrives near the abandoned refinery.]

Chloe: You can just let me out here.

Taxi driver: Nothing here.

Chloe: Just pull over, please.

[He does so. Chloe gets out.]

[Cut to the helicopter. They are nearing the abandoned refinery.]

Derek: Why won’t you talk to me, Frank? Can you please tell me what’s going on? Please?

Jack: Friend of mine’s in trouble; I need to pick her up in a hurry. This is the only way I can get to her quick enough.

[He lands the helicopter.]

[Cut to Chloe running towards where the helicopter landed.]

07:51:55 … 07:51:56 … 07:51:57 … 07:51:58 …

[She reaches a padlocked gate. She tries to climb it, but can’t. She finds a hole in the wire and crawls through, cutting her stomach in the process. Her jacket gets caught on the wire, so she slips out of it and keeps running.]

[Jack is waiting outside the helicopter. He sees Chloe running towards him.]

Jack: Chloe!

Chloe: Jack!

Jack: Are you OK?

[Chloe reaches him, and they hug.]

Chloe: I’m fine. What’s happening? Why would anyone wanna kill the people who know you’re alive?

[Derek is watching from the helicopter.]

Jack: I don’t know, but we’re gonna find out. Right now we need to get access to CTU’s archives from a secure location. Can you help me do that?

Chloe: I can’t do that from my laptop. There’s a research library at Cal Tech. I can get us in. [She sees Derek get out of the helicopter.] Who’s that?

Jack: I’ll explain as soon as we’re in the car. [They head towards the helicopter.]

Chloe: I don’t have a car. I took a cab.

[Jack glances around, realising that Chloe was probably followed.]

Jack: Come on, get in the helicopter. We gotta go! Derek, get back in!
07:53:15 … 07:53:16 … 07:53:17 … 07:53:18 …

[Jack climbs back into the pilot’s seat. He restarts the engine. A few cars appear at the entrance to the refinery.]

Chloe: Jack!

Jack: What?

Chloe: It’s them! How did they find me?

Jack: I don’t think they ever lost you.

[The men try to open the gates. Jack and the others wait while the helicopter engine continues starting up.]

Jack: [quietly] Come on.

Derek: What’s going on, Frank? Who are they?

Chloe: What are we waiting for? Take off!

Jack: We’re not at speed!

[The men break through the chain on the gates. The car and van enter the area, and approach the helicopter.]

Jack: We’re not gonna make it. Get out. Get out now and stay by the side of the helicopter!

[They all get out. Jack throws a couple of smoke bombs in front of the helicopter.]

Jack: [handing a gun to Chloe.] Here. Take him and go into the refinery. Find somewhere to hide. Move!

[Chloe and Derek run into the refinery. Jack pulls his bag out of the helicopter and puts it over his shoulder. The car and van stop just before the smoke bombs, and the men get out. Haas is with them, as well as the man who chased Chloe earlier – who I shall dub Assassin 1.]

Assassin 1: I can’t see a thing.

Haas: [to men in car] Double back; cut him off. [to Assassin 1] All this smoke will get him. I’m going round. [The car starts to drive away. Haas moves away from Assassin 1.]

[Jack walks up behind Assassin 1, holding a knife. After a quick fight, he stabs Assassin 1. He dies. Jack pulls out a gun, and goes after the car. Haas has headed into the refinery.]

[Chloe and Derek move through the refinery.]

Chloe: Go over here.

[They hide.]

[Jack stands up in the way of the car, and fires through the windscreen. The car crashes. The driver and passenger are killed. Jack reloads his gun, and heads after Haas.]

07:55:38 … 07:55:39 … 07:55:40 … 07:55:41 …

[Haas searches the refinery. He sees Chloe and Derek, and starts to sneak round behind them Jack also searches the refinery. He sees Haas walking up behind Chloe and Derek. Jack fires, hitting Haas in the leg. Chloe whirls around and fires three times, hitting Haas in the chest.]

Jack: Hold you fire, Chloe!

[Haas falls to the ground. Jack approaches Haas, and kicks his dropped weapon away. Jack kneels by Haas.]

Chloe: Jack, what are you doing? Let’s get out of here.

Jack: Chloe, take Derek and walk away. Walk away now! [Chloe and Derek move away; Derek looks to be in a state of shock. He stares at Haas. Chloe and Derek stop a little way away; both turn back to look at Jack and Haas.]

Jack: At the rate you’re bleeding out, you’re not gonna make it unless you receive medical attention. Tell me what I wanna know and I’ll get you to a hospital, you understand me? Do you understand me?

Haas: Yeah.

Jack: Four people knew I was alive. This morning you tried to take them out. Why?

Haas: Palmer was the primary target; they only cared about Palmer. The others were just a diversion – set you up. Make it look like you did it.

Jack: Why did they wanna kill Palmer?

Haas: [coughing and clutching his wounds] To keep him from talking. Shut him up.

Jack: What did he know?

Haas: I wasn’t given that information. All we had … take out the principal.

Jack: [deeply angry] You’re the one who killed Palmer.

Haas: Yeah.

[Cut to split screen, showing Jack’s reaction; Tony in surgery; Derek watching Jack and Haas; Evelyn helping Martha get ready again; and Logan preparing for the summit.]

[Cut back to Jack at the refinery.]

Jack: Who is behind this?

Haas: I got my orders … we never use names; you know that. That’s all I know. Take me to the hospital.

Jack: Yeah.

[He gets up and takes a few steps away, then pulls out his gun. He points it and Haas and fires, killing the man. Derek and Chloe flinch.]
07:59:57 … 07:59:58 … 07:59:59 … 08:00:00

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