Monday, March 06, 2006

Episode 12 (6:00 PM - 7:00 PM)

Preview of Episode 12 (6:00 PM - 7:00 PM)

6:00 P.M.
Osrtoff takes the CTU keycard before leaving Jenny’s apartment where the bodies of Jenny and Dwayne lie. He reprograms the keycard so that his photo shows up on the CTU security system instead of McGill’s image.

6:03 P.M.
Buchanan and Audrey tell the President that they have no idea where the terrorists will strike next with the nerve gas. Their only lead is Henderson.

6:04 P.M.
Kim Bauer arrives at CTU to meet Audrey. She is with a man named Barry Landes. Kim doesn’t know that Jack is alive.

6:05 P.M.
Audrey asks Jack whether she should tell Kim before he arrives to soften the blow. Henderson, who is in the backseat of Jack’s car, says that Kim was depressed when Chase left her. Henderson and his wife Miriam were there for her when Jack wasn’t.

6:06 P.M.
Kim is unnerved being in CTU because this is where both of her parents died. Audrey tells her about Jack and explains that he kept her in the dark in order to protect her. Kim is speechless.

6:08 P.M.
Novick is surprised when Vice President Hal Gardner turns up at the retreat because Logan asked for his help dealing with the nerve gas. Gardner doesn’t agree with CTU’s existing plan and he proposes a more sweeping one, much to the disdain of Novick. The Vice President wants to ignore the law by not obtaining Congressional approval for declaration of martial law in Los Angeles. He and Novick argue over casualty estimates. Novick tries appealing to Logan, but the President wants to follow Gardner’s plan because it would make him appear in control of the situation.

6:11 P.M.
As they enter CTU, Henderson tells Jack that he is only trying to protect the country. “You don’t want to know what I know,” he says evasively. Guards take him into holding.

6:12 P.M.
Ostroff is cleared for entry into CTU with his forged keycard.

6:17 P.M.
Jack quizzes Audrey about Kim’s reaction to his being alive.

6:18 P.M.
Jack goes to Kim. “I don’t know what you expect me to say,” she stoically greets him. Jack tries to explain why he didn’t tell her the truth and Barry interjects. Kim asks Barry to give them some privacy. She tells Jack that she leaned on Barry when no one else was available. Jack says that it was more painful to leave Kim then to lose Teri. Kim doesn’t know how to come to terms with his being back. He apologizes and begs her to stay because he has more to say to her.

6:22 P.M.
Armed with a schematic of CTU, Ostroff finds an air duct.

6:23 P.M.
Writhing in pain, Tony questions Buchanan about why Michelle was killed. Buchanan can’t tell him anything because it is classified information and Tony no longer is an agent at CTU. Tony feels that, with all his years of service, he deserves to know. Buchanan admits that her death was part of a larger terrorist plot and that Henderson was involved. Tony warns Buchanan not to let Henderson cut a deal.

6:25 P.M.
Audrey tells Jack that Barry is a clinical psychologist and that Kim might have been his patient. Henderson is clamped down in the interrogation room. Jack is confident Henderson will undergo extreme torture to keep his secrets secure.

6:26 P.M.
Jack tells Henderson that the hyoscine-pentothal being injected into him is creating the pain. They will inflict him with more unless he tells them what they need to know. Henderson refuses. An agent named Burke gives him another dose, and Henderson winces immediately.

6:32 P.M.
Novick catches up with Martha as she is having a cigarette. He encourages her to stand by her husband’s side because he needs her. Novick was there when Logan prayed for her safety and anguished over the decision. Martha sees through his manipulation and asks Novick straight out what he wants her to do. He confesses that Gardner is advising the President to declare martial law. Novick needs her to counter that argument because her husband trusts her judgment. Martha says that Logan may not be as much of a pushover as they all believe him to be.

6:35 P.M.
Ostroff hacks into the CTU mainframe and shuts down the air ventilation system. Techie Carrie Bendis sees an error in the environmental system and lets Edgar know. He brushes her concern off and says he doesn’t have time to deal with it. Edgar tells her to check it out herself.

6:36 P.M.
Martha finds Logan outside, alone in his thoughts. Although Martha is still angry with him, he is relieved when she puts her hand on his shoulder. She tells him that she has not stopped loving him. “You have to get back to work,” she says. “The country needs you more than I do.”

6:37 P.M.

Carrie goes into the electrical room to see if anyone is doing tests on the air system. She sees the canister and immediately starts to warn someone with her cell. Ostroff stabs her in the neck before she connects the call.

6:43 P.M.
Ostroff sets the canister inside the ventilation’s fan and sets the timer to detonate in fifteen minutes.

6:44 P.M.
Chloe tells Kim that, of the four people who knew Jack was alive, two are dead and Tony is in serious condition. The only reason Chloe is still alive is because Jack saved her. Chloe suggests that Kim try to cut Jack some slack.

6:45 P.M.
Buchanan gives McGill the bad news that his sister and her boyfriend were found murdered. McGill is shocked. Buchanan asks whether they were involved in drugs or organized crime because the killings seemed like the work of a professional. McGill confesses that Jenny had stolen his CTU keycard.

6:47 P.M.
Buchanan calls Chloe to see if security has been breached with McGill’s keycard. She sees that it was used by someone less than an hour ago. Buchanan orders a lockdown of CTU.

6:48 P.M.
Even with an increase in dosage Henderson still won’t talk. His vital signs begin to crash and Agent Burke tells Jack that he needs to stabilize him. Suddenly, the building alarm sounds and Buchanan lets Jack know that someone stole a CTU access card. Jack tells Burke to stabilize Henderson.

6:52 P.M.
Buchanan details Jack to a corridor to find the suspect, and Jack heads out. Edgar locates Ostroff on surveillance cameras and runs facial recognition. Buchanan notices that Carrie is not at her desk.

6:54 P.M.
Edgar goes to look for Carrie. Meanwhile, Ostroff tries to make his way out of the building, taking a guard hostage. He kills the guard and takes his radio.

6:55 P.M.
Jack comes upon the dead guard and sees that his walkie is gone. Jack radios that the suspect is in the stairwell, but sends a hand signal to an overhead surveillance camera that this is not true. Buchanan plays along. Ostroff overhears this communication and thinks he is in the clear.

6:56 P.M.
Jack comes up behind Ostroff, who tries to shoot him. Jack kills him first and takes the timer with a relay switch. He also sees finds a PDA with a schematic of CTU’s ventilation system. Jack suspects there may be nerve gas in the building. Buchanan immediately orders an evacuation. Edgar calls Chloe from the electrical room and she yells for him to get out of the building. Edgar sees Carrie’s body but he doesn’t notice the canister begin to emit gas towards the fan.

6:57 P.M.
As Audrey runs out with Kim and Barry, they see workers in the other offices collapse. Chloe tries to lock down some doors to slow the rate that the gas will reach the rest of the building. Chloe manages to contain certain rooms, and the group heads to the situation room for safety. Jack orders Burke to take Henderson to the clinic isolation room and seal it off.

6:58 P.M.
Chloe closes off all the safe rooms with biohazard strips. One of the techies is locked out, and Jack tells her to try to find another exit. They watch as the woman and the rest of the people outside fall down to their deaths.

6:59 P.M.
Edgar comes running into the bullpen from the electrical room. He sees Chloe in the situation room and calls to her. She watches helplessly as Edgar falls to his death. Chloe’s eyes tear up.



Clinical psychologists perform mental health evaluations to diagnose and treat psychological and neuropsychological disorders. They provide individual and group therapy, and assist patients to achieve more effective personal and interpersonal adjustment. They consult with other medical personnel to prescribe treatment. Clinical psychologists generally are not permitted to prescribe medication. Only psychiatrists and other medical doctors may prescribe certain medications.

Some clinical psychologists work in physical rehabilitation settings and others help people deal with times of personal crisis, such as divorce or the death of a loved one.

Episode 11 (5:00 PM - 6:00 PM)

Preview of Episode 11 (5:00 PM - 6:00 PM)

5:00 P.M.
Buchanan is summoned to the medical area because Tony has woken up and is asking for Michelle. The doctor fears that Tony’s condition will destabilize if told the truth about Michelle’s death.

5:01 P.M.
Buchanan tells Tony that he thinks Michelle will be fine. Tony demands to immediately speak with Jack. He also wants Michelle to know that he is alive.

5:02 P.M.
Amid the wreckage of the motorcade, Martha cries to Agent Pierce that her husband knew about the attack and didn’t do anything about it. Pierce doesn’t understand why the President would give the Suvarovs’ route to the terrorists. The Marine One helicopter arrives to pick them up.

5:03 P.M.
Bierko has his technician Viktor arm the canisters. He wants it placed in an area that will inflict the maximum casualties.

5:04 P.M.
Bierko calls one of his men, Ostroff, who is on his way to pick up a keycard which is crucial to their plan.

5:05 P.M.
Ostroff phones Jenny McGill’s boyfriend Dwayne to arrange the tradeoff for McGill’s CTU keycard. Dwayne and Jenny use the keycard to cut up lines of cocaine.

5:06 P.M.
Logan worries about what he will say to his wife. He second guesses the decision to give in to the terrorists.

5:07 P.M.
Jack calls CTU to report that Christopher Henderson was responsible for handing over the nerve gas. Henderson covered up his involvement by blowing up the Omicron servers and then escaping. Chloe tells him that Henderson’s computer has been exchanging data with his home system. Buchanan wants to send backup, but Jack thinks he needs to go to Henderson’s house alone. The former agent will recognize being ambushed by a tactical team.

5:09 P.M.
While driving, Henderson calls his bank in Buenos Aires and asks for access to his safety deposit box.

After examining corpses of the terrorists from the motorcade attack, Curtis finds a schematic of a ventilation system. He tells Buchanan that it might be the location of a possible nerve gas target. It has a time of 6:00 on it. Curtis sends the map to Chloe for analysis.

5:10 P.M.
When the doctor has no news on Michelle’s condition, Tony becomes suspicious. He removes his IV tubes, gets out of bed and peels the bandage off his burned face.

5:11 P.M.
Tony sneaks into the medical office and types Michelle’s name on the system search. Buchanan comes in as he Tony learns that Michelle is listed as deceased. He collapses in sadness.

5:17 P.M.
The chopper carrying Martha and the Suvarovs lands at the retreat. Logan goes to apologize to his wife, but she is angry that he didn’t stand up to the terrorists. She walks away.

5:18 P.M.
Logan pulls Suvarov aside to tell him he only just learned about the nerve gas threat. Suvarov grants the United States access to Russian intelligence to stop the separatists. Suvarov also says that he noticed Martha’s strange behavior when she first got into the limo. Logan blames this on her medically-treated depression.

5:20 P.M.
McGill asks Buchanan for permission to contact his sister regarding a personal matter. Buchanan allows him the use of a phone.

5:21 P.M.
McGill calls Jenny, looking for his keycard back. He threatens to call the police. Dwayne won’t give the card to Jenny because he claims to be getting $20,000 for it.

5:22 P.M.
Logan goes to see Martha, but Evelyn refuses to let him in on order from the First Lady. Martha asks Evelyn to bring Pierce to her.

5:23 P.M.
Edgar finds the building depicted in the blueprint that Curtis uncovered. It is a hospital, and Buchanan notifies them to evacuate.

5:24 P.M.
Inside that hospital, Bierko’s henchman Viktor is dressed as an orderly. He pushes a gurney that hides the nerve gas canister.

5:29 P.M.
Jack sneaks into the backyard of the Henderson house. He sees Henderson’s wife Miriam in the window.

5:30 P.M.
In the CTU chopper, Curtis calls the hospital’s security officer, Wegman. He warns the man about the urgency of the nerve gas situation.

5:31 P.M.
Jack surprises Miriam Henderson, who thought that Jack was dead. She says that her husband is still at work and hasn’t called her. With his gun trained, Jack demands to see Henderson’s computer. He explains what Henderson has been up to, but Miriam doesn’t believe him. Jack forces her to the den and he puts away his gun. He sits down to Henderson’s computer as Chloe begins to help him hack into it.

5:32 P.M.
Martha warmly takes Pierce’s hand while thanking him for saving her life. Novick sees this and dismisses Pierce. Martha tells Novick that she doesn’t want to see her husband. As Novick is leaving, Pierce tries to explain himself. “Whatever did happen, make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Novick sneers.

5:35 P.M.
As patients are evacuated from the hospital, Curtis arrives on the scene and meets up with Wegman, who says that a number of ICU patients cannot be moved. Curtis dispatches his teams to find high-risk areas in the building.

5:36 P.M.
Viktor notifies Bierko that the hospital is being evacuated and surrounded by police. Bierko pulls up the building’s schematics and instructs Viktor to another entrance that might not be guarded. “I need you to finish this task,” Bierko implores. “Even if it means you don’t get out.”

5:41 P.M.
Audrey gets Bierko’s name from Russian intelligence and tells the President that they believe he is financing the entire terrorist attack himself.

5:42 P.M.
Miriam thinks Jack has some sort of hatred for her innocent husband. Chloe uncovers a list of satellite phone numbers on Henderson’s hard drive, but there is a password protecting it. Miriam says she doesn’t know the password.

5:44 P.M.
Wegman finds surveillance images of Viktor dressed as an orderly. Curtis sends teams to that area and has CTU run a face match.

5:45 P.M.
Edgar finds Viktor’s identity as a Russian criminal. Curtis gets confirmation and sets off to find the man.

5:46 P.M.
In the subbasement, Viktor arms the canister. Curtis comes upon him and shoots him.

5:47 P.M.
Donning a gas mask, Curtis sees the detonated canister and calls for the chemical response team.

5:52 P.M.
As the people continue to flee the hospital, Curtis waits for help with the gas. Buchanan orders a mandatory evacuation of the entire downtown corridor.

Chloe determines that the encryption on Henderson’s computer will take half a day to crack. She apologizes to Jack and lets him know about the canister at the hospital.

5:53 P.M.
Henderson returns home. Jack knocks him down and handcuffs him. Henderson feigns ignorance about the nerve gas. Miriam screams for Jack to leave him alone. Jack opens Henderson’s briefcase which contains stacks of hundred dollar bills. Miriam is shocked, and she questions whether her husband has been lying to her. Henderson claims he is serving his country, and taunts Jack to shoot him because he knows nothing.

5:56 P.M.
Instead of firing at Henderson, Jack shoots Miriam in the leg above the kneecap so that she will still be able to walk. Miriam cries out in pain and begs her husband to tell Jack what he wants to know. “Forgive me, Miriam, I can’t,” Henderson says to both Jack and Miriam’s horror. Jack calls for an ambulance. He also has CTU ready an interrogation room with hyoscine-pentothal prepared for Henderson.

5:57 P.M.
Buchanan calls Curtis, who has found a timer on the canister. Since it will detonate in a minute, the bomb squad won’t have time to stop it. Curtis picks the canister up and runs out of the basement into the hospital wards. He speeds out the door and gets the canister to the tac unit’s truck where it is sealed into a chemical container. They lock it in as the trigger detonates. The nerve gas is contained and the hospital is saved.

5:59 P.M.
Ostroff kills Jenny and Dwayne. He calls Bierko to let him know that he has the CTU keycard.



Hyoscine (scopolamine) and Sodium Pentothal (sodium thiopental) are two drugs used as “truth serums.” Ethyl alcohol has also been used. Truth serums are intravenous sedatives that are injected in small doses. They make the patient woozy, with the hypnotizing effect impairing judgment and higher cognitive function. This might make the person respond to interrogation. Truth serums cannot be relied upon because patients have been known to make false statements while under treatment.